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ATALINER 93R Inverter Spot Welder. (400H-392)

Smaller version of the DATALINER LX series inverter welder equipped with air cooling. With a maximum current output of 9000A plus 550DaN gun clamping pressure means nearly any typ

e of car body steel can be spot welded. A perfect choice for small body shops and vocational schools which require a quality welder at a low purchase price. The welder comes with an air cooled single sided gun/spotter and an impact slide hammer with accessories.

Specifications DATALINER 93R X-gun Inverter Spot Welder.

3 phase 400V input.  32A fuse.

9000A miximum current.

550DaN X-gun tip pressure at 8 Bar.

3 metre air cooled welding cables.

Single sided air cooled gun/spotter.