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DATALINER PTI Evolution Transformer Gun Spot Welder

New style powerful liquid cooled C-gun spot welder with integrated medium frequency transformer in the gun. Perfect for workshops with limited electrical supply, only requires 16-25A for an output current of 14.500A. A tip pressure of 550DaN means all types of steel can be welded. The welder is equipped with an alarm system in case of low current or insufficient clamping pressure. A large easy to use interactive touch control display showing welding parameters.With welding spot traceability, personal parameter storage, creating and downloading of work orders onto an SD memory, a record of work carried out can be recorded for quality assurance. The welder comes with a detachable air cooled single sided gun/spotter together with an impact slide hammer and accessories. This welder is recommended by most

leading vehicle manufacturers.


DATALINER PTI Transformer Gun Spot Welder (400H-526)

3 phase 400V input. 16-25A fuse.

14500A maximum current output.

550DaN tip pressure at 8 Bar.

Light weight (12kg) Transformer C-gun

Liquid cooled transformer and welding tips.

SD memory equipped storage.

Single sided air cooled gun/spotter with accessories.