Dataliner; tooted autoremonditöökodadele; kerevenituspingid; keevitusseadmed; laser mõõtesüsteemid

DL 9500 Grizzly Drive on

Mainly produced for the American market the 9500 Grizzly boasts two 10 ton pulling towers at the front which can be augmented with 10 ton vector pulls. This bench incorporates all the features of the Dataliner drive on bench range. Easy loading using the built in lift and tall chassi stands make an ideal work platform for cosmetic or large damage repair. 10 ton vector pulling on the side and rear of the bench will make any damage repair possible.

Specifications 9500 Grizzly Drive on.

Length.     5195mm     Length with pulling tower extended.     5815mm

Width.      1950mm     Width with 2 pulling towers extended.   3150

Tower Pull Radius   204 degrees

Weight.    1000kg

Maximum height.      1575mm